Find Out More about Changing Your Cash Attitude and Save More Money

When you read this title you probably ask yourself already what your cash attitude is, wondering whether or not carrying cash on you can indeed help you with saving money. As it happens with many people these days, it is always a misconception that having cash on you is riskier than simply carrying the credit card, but lets’ be fair: do you think that the thief will know this when he has planned to attack you.

He does this hoping to find some cash on you, indeed, but either you carry it on you or not, you can still end up being the victim of a theft. It is true that the moment your plastic disappeared together with your wallet you can report the stolen card and cancelling it, but even so the damage is already done. And besides, I don’t want to militate here about carrying large amounts of cash on you, but I think you’ve got an idea what my point is!

The society these days has been persuaded to resort more and more to their credit and debit cards, this being the reason of so many people falling into the ‘claws’ of debts. Yes, the thing is that once you have a credit card you don’t pay too much attention on what you spend, knowing that this is always the amount to cover your expenses when you go over the limits. This is not a cash attitude that you have but rather a debit card attitude that will eventually lead to being in deep debt.

You will probably say that you don’t care, that you are not the only one in this position and all in one you can afford covering the monthly rates for the debt. But don’t you find this unfair to repay double for what you have spent? After all, it is your hard earned money that we are talking about here, so it is time to give it a thought and change your cash attitude not seeing cash as your enemy any more. Let me explain you how this new change of attitude can help you save money.

It is all psychological. Check this out: if you were to carry cash with you whenever you go shopping, you will be more careful with spending this money knowing that it is in a limited amount, right? It is the sense of holding those papers in your wallet that makes you treat this money with more respect. Now if you were to have the plastic with you, then everything will be related to the numbers that exist out there in your account. At this point you don’t mind spending a little bit extra if you see something that you have wished purchasing for so long.

This is how you reach that position where you easily but surely step into deep debt. So it is time that you change your cash attitude and start shopping with cash on you for the petty things and leave the big ones into the ‘hands’ of plastic, such as utility bills, home appliances and stuff like that!

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